If you don't believe in magic spend a day with Michael Bourada and he will definetely change your mind. He has been called "One of Canada's Elite Magicians" and his performance is perfect for your next event.

His presentation will delight and captivate both the young and 'young at heart'. The performance is one of a kind, simply because he uses original illusions and routines that no other magician display, such as the production of live doves and other great routines that are mysterious, unique and extremely funny.

The show also incorporates interaction, making some of the audience members the stars of the show; several children are invited to the stage to assist in the incredible feats of magic, leading to many laugh out loud moments and even better memories. More routines are also included which are thrilling, lively and colourful, they have a terrific visual element as they are choreographed to magical and mysterious music. To conclude the show Michael performs an amazing illusion, one that will be remembered for years to come.

Michael Bourada is a full time professional with over 20 years experience, performing over 200 shows annually. Don't miss your chance to truly experience the magic!


- This show requires a small-to-medium sized performing area with access to electrical outlets for speaker and microphone.

- The suggested distance of the audience should be 5 feet away (not mandatory however).

- All routines are highly visual and have a comedic, exciting or interactive theme.

- Ideal for audiences of 10-300+ people

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Experience the Magic of Michael Bourada, magician in Ottawa
With hundreds of companies WELL ENTERTAINED in his 17 year career, you can trust Michael to deliver a show that is professional, exciting, funny
and family oriented!


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