'The Preferred Choice
Among Ottawa Magicians!'

Have something different at this year's party; LIVE ANIMALS, FUN AND EXCITEMENT guaranteed to be remembered!

Experience the Magic of Michael Bourada, magician in Ottawa

Michael has established himself as the preferred choice for magicians in Ottawa. The reason is simple, every show that's presented is original, exciting, modern and professional; Michael goes above and beyond to ensure your party is a huge success! He has over 18 years experience, is a full-time performer and presents 200+ shows every year.

There are two 'Amazing Magic Show' packages for your event. If you had something different in mind the show can be altered to your needs and budget as best as possible. Michael's shows are perfect for ever age; kids, teens, adults and grandparents are sure to be amazed. With exotic birds appearing, audience participation, lots of laughter and incredible magic routines, this is not your typical magic show, but a thrilling action-packed presentation sure to excite and delight everyone watching! Michael has shows perfect for ages 5 and older. He has presentations for different age groups, eg - if your show is for an 8 year old, it will not be the same show you'll see for 5 year old.

This is a 35-40 minute performance sure to thrill and excite everyone in attendance. Right from the start the audience is captivated as Michael captures the attention and imagination of everyone watching with an amazing and jaw-dropping opening sequence. The show incorporates lots of interaction with the kids as they always want to be apart of the performance, but most importantly the birthday child will become one of the stars of the show.. Furthermore there are many original, exciting and laugh-out-loud magic routines that will certainly be remembered. Lastly, there's the spectacular finale that is simply amazing to see as it uses everyday objects to create a true magical miracle; it's sure to leave everyone wondering how it was done... After the show is complete, the birthday child receives a very cool magic souvenir. The big difference between this package and the next package is that I do not use my exotic bird in this performance HOWEVER, its still an amazing presentation the kids will go bananas for!

With tons of laughter, fun and excitement you surely won't want to miss this performance! [contact Michael about this show]

Ottawa Magician Michael Bourada

Package 2. – The MOST Amazing Magic Show with Exotic Bird & Magic Gift
The second package is 'The Most Amazing Magic Show' and is probably the most common show that gets booked. It's a 35-40 minute performance and has everything that is included in the first package AND also features my exotic bird who makes a thrilling appearance in the show (always a HUGE hit!). Again, interaction and participation are a huge component of the presentation, the birthday child becomes a star of the show AND participates in another incredible illusion where they receive a special souvenir that we magically make together. After the presentation is complete, I welcome the children come up to meet, greet, pet and take their pictures with my exotic bird, a unique animal that the children will certainly love and this of course adds to the length of my stay.! [contact Michael about this show]

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michael, or visit his 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.

Michael also has terrific 'Add-ons' to whichever birthday package you choose, everything from magic themed Loot Bags, Magic Wands, Interactive Workshopsand more. These of course are completely optional but if you are interested, don't hesitate to ask.

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