CANCELLATION POLICY: (Customer herein referred to as CLIENT)

For scheduling reasons, the reserved show time is considered CLIENTS time slot and if delayed by 20 minutes or more, Michael Bourada reserves the right to cancel and the full balance must be paid. If the performance is cancelled or postponed for any reason by, or on behalf of CLIENT (within 90 days of show date), the CLIENT will be liable for payment in full (100%) of the total amount owing. In such event, CLIENT will make this payment to Michael Bourada immediately following the scheduled performance. This cancellation policy is applied immediately upon reservation of services. If on rare occasion Michael has to cancel his participation in your event, he will provide an acceptable replacement for your event; you will still be responsible for payment of agreed upon services.


BOOKING TERMS: (Customer herein referred to as CLIENT)

*Payment is due prior to, or on show date. Please do not mail payment. No exceptions unless arranged.*

It is expressly understood that Encore Ent. is an independent contractor, which they are not an employee of the CLIENT, and that Encore Ent. is responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes on the payment for their services. The performance is a program with audience participation and unless specific arrangements are made to the contrary, the actual length of the show may alter by a period not to exceed or decrease by ten (10) minutes; the show may fluctuate in time due to technical conditions, staging requirements etc.



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